Elham Eshraghian-Haakansson

Elham Eshraghian-Haakansson (b. Boorloo, Perth,) is an award-winning Iranian-Australian Bahá’í video artist, researcher and director, and has exhibited nationally and internationally. Her research navigates inherited stories and post-memory felt by her displaced community following the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Through the poetics of the moving image, she invites viewers to become the 'witness' rather than the 'passive bystander', inviting a critical discussion surrounding empathy, trust, custodianship, compassion, and social change. Her practise values align to empower the voices of women within her art making. Working in community arts and collaborative social practice, she examines empathy in film-poems, uncovering ways to build identity in first and second generation Iranian- Australians and the Bahá’í community, to close the gaps in finding the universal threads of cultural, social, gender and spirituality that unite us all.

Co-founder, Lead Artist, Video Artist, Producer, Director, Writer of the Second Generation Collective

Instagram @elhameshraghianhaakansson


2022-23 Forrest Research Foundation Creative and Performance Leadership Award, 18-month Research Residency
2022 SPACED, Know Thy Neighbour #3, Artist in residence Victoria Park Community Centre
2021 XR Bootcamp, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art and FrameLabs
2021 Creative Hub Kolyang Cohort by Performance Lines.
2021  Perth Festival Lab, Artist Lab for Perth International Art Festival.
2021   Artist in Residence, Frabica, Treviso (Italy).  Recipient of the 14th Arte Laguna Special Prize Award. Date to be known.
2021   Summer Nights Program, 900 Seconds, Blue Room Theatre. 20th December 2020 – 6 February 2021
2020  Performing Lines WA CALD Artist Residency, Subiaco Arts Centre.  23rd July – 27th July,
2020  Artists for Artists, Masterclass Radical Care, facilitated by Terike Haapoja, Ahmet Ogut and Stefanos Tsivopoulous.  17th July – 19th July.
2018   Hatched Artist in Residence, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art. Recipient of the Schenberg Art Fellowship. 7th May – 17th June.

2022 Forrest Research Foundation Creative and Performance Leadership Award
2022 Ellen Jose Art Award Joint Winner
2021 Emerging Scholar Award, Sixteenth International Conferences: Voices from the Edge: Negotiating the Local in the Global on The Arts In Society [16-18 June] at the University of Western Australia, Perth.
2020 Best Publication Award for ‘The End is Glorious, If We Only Persevere’, Graduate Research School, University of Western Australia.
2020 Joondalup Art Prize $25,0000 Overall Winner
2020 14th Arte Laguna Special Prize Award Residency
2020 City of Melville Sponsorship Digital Art Recipient
2020 Incinerator Award Finalist
2020 Wyndham Art Prize Finalist 
2020 10th Prospect Portraiture Finalist (Commendation)
2020 The Hopper Prize Finalist
2019 John Stringer Art Prize Finalist (Commendation)
2018 Dr. Harold Schenberg Art Fellowship Award $40,000 Recipient
2018 Adobe Design Achievement & MAX Awards (finalist)
2018 Research Training Program Scholarship, HDR Scholarships Committee, Commonwealth Department of Education and Training ($30,000 p.a.)
2018 Australian Government RTP Offset Scholarship, HDR Scholarship Committee, In support of my Masters Research
2017 Jean Callander $9,000 Art Prize & J A Wood Memorial Prize.
2017 Outstanding Electronic Art Award, University of Western Australia, Awarded for my 2-channel installation, ‘Bohrân’
2016 Adobe Design Achievement & MAX Awards, Adobe
2016 Semi-finalist for Head Trip

2023 Video Artist Collaborator Raewyn Hill, CO3 Contemporary.
2022 Can’t Won’t Don’t by Dr. Jo Pollitt and Maitland Schnaars, Produced by Performance Lines WA, AV Designer
2021-23 SPACED, Know Thy Neighbour #3, Curated by Mayma Awaida, International Art Space
2021-23 Kickstart, Next Wave, WA Artist, Artistic directorate Daley Rangi 
2021 Delara, Commission from Runway Journal; Episode 1 of Issue:43 DIVINE, Guest Curated by Nathan Beard. Carriageworks.
2021 Video Artist & Co-Producer of Live Performance, Avareh & found, 900s Of Storytelling. Blue Room Theatre.

2022 Town of Victoria Park Grant, Art Season April 1 – April 30 2022. 
2020 – 2021 Propel Youth Arts WA and Healthway, Drug Aware YCulture Metro, The Second Generation Collective  ‘Avareh and Found’.
2020 – Quick Neighbourhood Grant, City of Fremantle, Second Generation Collective ‘Avareh and Found’.
2020 – 2021 Community Arts Network. Lotterywest’s Dream Plan Do, The Second Generation Collective  ‘Avareh and Found’, auspiced by The Centre for Stories, Mentored by Lee Kinsella & Emele Ugavule

2023 Forrest Research Foundation Creative and Performance Leadership Exhibit, in collaboration with Cara Phillips, Immerse Australia, SPACED Know Thy Neighbour #3, and UWA School of Design, forthcoming.
2022 Ellen Jose Art Award, Bayside Gallery, (Melbourne), forthcoming.
2022 Art Season, Victoria Community Centre (Perth WA) forthcoming.
2021 Avareh & Found, Festival of Voice, Denmark Art Festival, (Regional WA) Curated by Vivienne Robertson
2021 Untitled Print Collection, face to face, Yaar, Gallery Central Curated by Thelma John & Fatemeh Boroujeni (WA).
2021 Co-created by Asha Kiani, Delam Tang Shod, Ashena, Avareh & Found Exhibition. PS. (Fremantle).
2021 Ashena, Bear Witness to Me, Avareh & Found Exhibition. PS. (Fremantle, WA).
2021 Delara, NO SHOW Exhibition. Runway Journal Commission in partnership with Carriageworks. Carriageworks Gallery (Sydney, Australia).
2021 Delam Tang Shad, Co-Producer & Video Artist of Live Performance Avareh & Found, 900s OF STORYTELLING, Theatre. Blue Room Theatre.
2021 The End is Glorious, if We Only Perservere, Photographic Prints. Video installation. MOORES CONTEMPORARY (Perth, WA).
2020 face to face, Invitation Art Prize (Overall Winner) 2020, Acquistioned by the City of Joodalup, Westfield Whitfords (Perth, Western Australia)
2020 The End if Glorious, If We Only Persevere, Incinerator Art Award, Incinerator Art Gallery (Victoria)
2020 The End is Glorious, If We Only Persevere, Transitions and Displacements, Millepiano Art Gallery (Rome, Italy)
2020 The End is Glorious, If We Only Persevere, Platform Artists, Courthouse Youth Exhibition (Geelong, Australia) Curated by Amber Smith.
2020 The End is Glorious, If We Only Persevere, HOME Exhibition, Greater Dandenong Art Council (Victoria, Australia) Curated by Esther Gyorki. 
2020 The End is Glorious, If We Only Persevere, Wyndham Art Prize Finalist, Wyndham Art Gallery (Victoria, Australia)
2020 The End is Glorious, If We Only Persevere, 10th Prospect Portraiture Prize Exhibition, Newmarch Gallery (Adelaide, Australia)
2019 The End is Glorious, If We Only Persevere, John Stringer Art Prize Exhibition, John Curtin Art Gallery (Perth, Australia)
2019 Dear Mona, Agendo Emerging Art Exhibition, Camberwell Art Gallery (Victoria, Australia)
Bohrân, Potluck, C3 Contemporary Art (Melbourne, Australia) Curated by Angie Hiscock.
2019 Dear Mona, Potluck, C3 Contemporary Art Gallery (Melbourne, Australia)
2018 Dystopia, Re-launched Urban Screening, Dystopia, The Brisbane Powerhouse  & Tasmanian Institute of Architects Film Night (Brisbane, Australia)
2018 Dear Mona, Emerging WA Artists Exhibit, Heathcote Gallery (Perth, Australia) Curated by Jana Braddock.
2018 Dear Mona II, Undercurrent Brilliant Exhibition, Fremantle Arts Centre (Perth, Australia)
2018 Bohrân, Hatched Exhibition, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (Perth, Australia)
2018 Bohrân, Critical Animals Exhibition, Newcastle Lock Up Gallery (New South Wales, Australia) Curated by Nanette Orly.
2017 Bohrân, Corridor Film Festival, (Denpasar, Indonesia)
2017 Bohrân, Fine Arts Honours Research Exhibition, School of Design University of Western Australia (Perth, Australia)
2017 Dystopia, Urban Screening, Perth Cultural Centre (Perth, Australia)
2016 Lapse, Graduate Design Show, School of Design University of Western Australia (Perth, Australia)
2016 Sentience, Graduate Fine Arts Exhibition,  School of Design University of Western Australia (Perth, Australia)
2016 Project Gold Mind, Kings Street Arts Centre (Perth, Australia)
2016 Headtrip, Blackout Exhibition, Beyond Gallery (Perth, Australia)
2016 Inkblot Test, Blackout Exhibition, Beyond Gallery (Perth, Australia)
2015 Pigment Sweep Photographic Collection, RAW Exhibition, Rosemount Hotel (Perth, Australia)
2015 Vanishing Act, RAW Exhibition, Rosemount Hotel (Perth, Australia)
2015 Interdisciplinary Drawing Practises, Culity Gallery Exhibition, School of Design University of Western Australia (Perth, Australia)

2021 Avareh & found Exhibition, The Second Generation Collective, Denmark Festival of Voice.
2021 Avareh & found Exhibition, The Second Generation Collective, PS.

2018-2021 Masters by Research, Fine Arts (University of Western Australia)
2017-2018 Bachelor of Design (first class Honours), Fine Arts (University of Western Australia)
2015- 2017 Bachelor of Design, Fine Arts and Integrated Design (University of Western Australia)

2021 Artist Talk with Elham Eshraghian-Haakansson and Sacha Barker, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery
2021 Women’s Storytelling Panel, with Dr. Lynette Narkle, Margot Edwards, Christina Cairns, Asha Kiani & Elham Eshraghian-Haakansson
2021 Panel Discussion Perth Institute of Contemporary Art with Dr. Pilar Kasat, Sam Fox, Tyrown Waigana , Elham Eshraghian-Haakansson & Patrice Sharkey.
2021 Avareh & Found Artist Talk with Soula Veydrainer, PS.
2021 Archipelagic Encounters Conference Elyssia Bugg and Chloe with LaSalle College in Singapore Currents Journal, University of Western Australia and the University of Melbourne.
2021 MOORE CONTEMPORARY Artist Talk Elham Eshraghian-Haakansson with Margaret Moore
2020  Contributing to the Advancement of Civilization: Justice and the Oneness of Humankind Certificate
2020 Incinerator Art Award Panel with Jake Tracey.
2020 Artist and researcher Anindita Banerjee Panel Discussion with Platform Artists Elham Eshraghian and Samantha Taylor
2020 Academic, writer and editor Nadia Niaz Panel Discussion with HOME artists Dacchi Dang, Elham Eshraghian and Zakiria Tahirian
2020 DIGI Engage; Bridging divides in isolation and beyond
2020 Don’t be the Bystander, Be the Witness,  Workshop with Greater Dandenong Library & Walker Street Art Gallery
2019 John Stringer Prize Finalist, Artist Talk AGWA Guides, Art Gallery of Western Australia
2019 John Stringer Exhibition, Artist Talk Collectors Club, John Curtin Art Gallery
2018 Hatched Artist Talk, Collectors Function, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
2018 Hatched Open Studio & Artist Talks, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts

2021 Half the Sky, Think-In Facilitator Wendy Martin, Women of the World Festival
2021 Video Editor for Visual Artist Megan Hyde, Sea Change, Cool Change Contemporary
2021 Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery Assistant
2020 Co-Founder, Lead Artist of Second Generation Collective
2020 Video Editor for Performance Artist Daley Rangi; condensed development of Takatāpui at KISS Club with PICA and PVI Collective, Adhocracy Digital Residency
2020 Graphic Designer for Michelle Hall’s, Dirty Mother Marketing Team
2017-2019 Video Art Tutor, University of Western Australia

2019 Foster Carer, Dogs Refuge Home
2017 – 2018 Art Gallery of Western Australia